Readymade solution for air conditioner OEMs

SmartHVAC Wi-Fi Controller for heat pumps & air conditioners is tailor-made for OEMs to enter the world of smart heating and cooling. Manufacturers are welcome to join hands with SMARTHVAC to launch their smart heat pumps & air conditioners. You will stay ahead in the industry with increased sales. Partnering with SmartHVAC means no time to market, greater customer loyalty, competitive edge and most importantly the upwards surge in sales.


SmartHVAC Wi-Fi AC dongle is designed to effortlessly convert your AC into a smart AC

Global Control

Control your air conditioners and heat pumps through smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Weekly Scheduling

Powerful 7 day scheduling functionality helps you schedule your ACs as per desired settings and time.

Geo Fencing

Automatically turn your air conditioner on before you arrive and switch your AC off automatically after you have left the premises.

Air Filter Status

Always monitor the live status of the air filter cleanliness level of your air conditioner. Clean the AC air filter once it crosses the threshold.

Zone Control

Create air conditioning zones. Single touch control for all ACs & Heat Pumps by creating zones.

Usage Statistics

Keep track of your heating or cooling usage to control your electricity costs. Save energy; save money.

Timeline of Actions

Check a complete timeline of actions of your AC. Check who is using your AC, what settings are being used and when.

Lower Bills

Save up to 25% on your electricity bills by using various features of Smart AC Wi-Fi Dongle.

Reliable and Scaleable Eco System

Benefit from world class Amazon AWS based cloud & super cool Android & iOS apps from Cielo. Take your smart AC to the next level