SmartHVAC Privacy Policy

1.1- Introduction to our Privacy Policy:

SmartHVAC understands that the privacy of our platform users and website visitors is very important, and we take every possible effort to take the privacy aspect very seriously. This privacy policy does not apply to the websites of our partners or to any third parties, even if their websites are linked to our website, or if their products and/or services are used in connection with our products/services.This privacy policy describes SmartHVAC’s privacy regulations as it relates to the use of our website(s), any personal information we may collect from your online visits, and products/services offered by SmartHVAC, as well as your choices regarding use and/or of any personal information. The privacy policy is subject to change from time to time and we will update it accordingly.

1.2- Minor's Privacy:

Our platform including products/services is not not directed to people under the age of thirteen (13), and we request that people under the age of thirteen (13) do not provide any personal information to us. At our end, we will remove any information relating to individuals under the age of thirteen (13) as soon as we become aware of that.

1.3- Information related to your online visit to our website

When you access or use our websites, we may ask you to provide personal information (such as your name, address, phone number and email address). SmartHVAC uses cookies and web beacons (which include your IP address and the actions you take on our website, such as pages viewed) to review how people are interacting with our website.

1.3.1- Use of Collected Information:

SmartHVAC uses your provided data to improve the user experienceyou’re your future visits and all other users.We also review data to ascertain the length of atay of website visitors on different pages.In addition, your IP address is identified and logged in our archives when you visit our website. Except where local laws state otherwise, we treat this information as non-personal information because this information does not personally identify you.

1.3.2- Your Requests on our Website:

If you request that we contact you, your personal information is used so that our sales and support team can contact you.

1.3.3- Your Choices About Your Information:

If you want to delete or make changes to the information we have collected from you through our website, email us at

1.4- Information Collected from USE of our products/services:

You may transmit information to us through our software or services, including cloud services (our ‘products’). Our products are usually used with IoT connected devices, such as “smart Wi-Fi AC controller’s for air conditioners”. Any information that comes through our devices, mobile apps and cloud services will have an email, user specified password, and typically the IP address of the user’s IoT connected device. We may have access to other personal information, depending on the type and detail of data the Air conditioner manufacturer has decided to collect through our devices. Third parties that we contract with may have access to your personal information. In these cases, our agreements require these third parties to act in accordance with relevant privacy laws.

1.4.1- Your Personal Information:

We may keep certain information in an aggregated or anonymized form that does not personally identify you and cannot be connected to you. We will keep information that is required to be retained under law.

1.4.2- How Your Information is Used:

We may use your personal information:

  • To create an account if you register with us
  • To provide our product and services
  • To provide support in connection with the use of our products
  • To respond to inquiries
  • To send you important information and notices regarding our products and services, changes to agreement terms, changes to polices and other administrative matters

1.5- Sharing Information:

We use information that is sent to us in order to provide our services. We do not sell personal information collected. We might use third parties to improve our services, and they might receive personal information, such as an IP address. If you have any questions about our practices or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at contact@esmarthvac.ccom